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nano EDGE ENGINE Programming User Manual


The nano EDGE ENGINE is a software engine designed for the new generation of the iSMA CONTROLLI devices. It is the software engine for constructing multiple applications, and it provides a set of libraries and components tailored to create cycle-driven user applications. The nano EDGE ENGINE ensures connectivity with added devices, and allows to run dedicated services. It provides full management of the device–setting network properties, providing logs for diagnostics and performance data. 

The nano EDGE ENGINE diagram

The nano EDGE ENGINE introduces a user-friendly interface that makes working with the device very efficient. It provides a predefined quadruple structure tree of the device, which guides the user through the whole process of setting and working with the device.

Revision History

DateManual Rev.nano EDGE ENGINE Ver.Description
23 Feb 20241.

nano EDGE ENGINE libraries V1.4.1:


27 Nov 20231.


  • Time component corrected
10 Nov 20231.4.0


(V1.3.0 and V1.4.0 merged in nano EDGE ENGINE V1.4.1)

nano EDGE ENGINE libraries V1.4.1:

New functionalities:

12 Sep 2023

nano EDGE ENGINE libraries V1.2.1:

13 Apr 20231.

nano EDGE ENGINE libraries V1.2:

New functionalities:

31 Aug 20221.

nano EDGE ENGINE libraries V1.1:

New functionalities:

--RAC18-IP Software Manual V1.01.0.0

nano EDGE ENGINE libraries V1.0:

  • Core V1.0
  • BACnet V1.0
  • Modbus V1.0
  • IO V1.0
  • FCU V1.0
  • Math V1.0
  • Logic V1.0
  • Process V1.0
  • Time V1.0
  • Other V1.0


  • BACnet IP client/server
  • Modbus RTU client
  • System configuration
  • Backup and restore
Revision history
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