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Applicable to OS V1.4, Process library V1.4.8815.19836

The Floating component simplifies the control of 3-point valve actuators. This component has the following functions:

  • analog input, working with PID regulators;
  • 2 digital outputs for 3-point direct control valve actuators (the Up and Down slots);
  • analog output for 3-point control valve actuators by voltage level (the Out slot, additional device required).

The Floating component

The Floating component has the following slots:

  • Status: indicates the current status of the component (OK, Fault).
  • Out: the voltage value controlled by the Floating component mechanism and transferred to the dedicated actuator;
  • Up: the digital output for the rising function of a 3-point direct control valve actuator;
  • Down: the digital output for the lowing function of a 3-point direct control valve actuator;
  • In: the input value representing the required percentage of the actuator openness;
  • Deadband: the value limit within which the output deviation from the required value can be ignored;
  • Drive Time: the time which the actuator requires to change from the fully closed position to the fully open position (expressed in seconds);
  • Reset: resets physical and virtual valve position.
Out ValueUpDownDescription
4 VFalseTrueLowing
7 VFalseFalseStatic
10 VTrueFalseRising
The Floating component values

The Floating component slots

The Floating component has the following action:

  • Reset: allows to periodically close the valve in order to synchronize the position of full closure.

ActionTrigger Extension

The ActionTrigger extension is designed to invoke any action that is available for the component. The extension triggers an action selected in the Action Name on the rising edge of the Action Trigger slot. If the action has parameters to set, the parameter is taken from a relevant slot automatically added to the extension (Analog Value/Binary Value/String Value).

It is possible to add more than one ActionTrigger extension to the component (for example, one for each action in the component).

The extension is added from the context menu of the component.

Adding the ActionTrigger extension

The ActionTrigger extension has the following slots:

  • Action Name: allows to select an action to invoke;

  • Action Trigger: triggers an action selected in the Action Name slot;

  • Action Analog Value/Action Binary Value/Action String Value: a slot added automatically to the extension if an action selected in the Action Name slot has any specific parameters to set (depending on the type of action and its parameters, the relevant type of value is matched).

The ActionTrigger extension in the Floating component

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