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This component allows for building an application, in which the user is able to change the value of the scene in the ballast independently without the need to use the configuration software. In the component, the Scene Number value defines the scene, which value is to be changed to the current level of the luminaire (actual level).

DALISceneSetter component


The DALISceneSetter component has the following slots:

  • Status: shows the component’s current status;
  • Description: user description up to 32 characters;
  • Address: short DALI device address or DALI group address;
  • Address Type: option to define a single device, group or all DALI devices;
  • Scene Number: sets the number of the scene to be overwritten on the triggering event;
  • Save Scene Trigger: changing the value to true triggers the overwrite of the scene value.


The DALISceneSetter component has the following action:

  • Save Scene: sends a command to DALI device/devices to save the actual level for ballast to the scene number indicated by the Scene Number slot.
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