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This component has the built-in DALI command, which allows to switch on and off or to change DALI device/devices lighting level. This component was designed to work with a double switch (one button for switch on and dim up, second for switch off and dim down). The switch is working in two modes, short and long press. The short press (if the Switch slot is in the true mode for the time shorter than defined in the Long Press slot), triggers an on/off command to DALI device/devices. The long press is for increasing or decreasing the lighting level. Current lighting level is stored in the device in the scene number defined in the Scene No For Last Level slot (by default, scene no. 15). The short press On command will recall the lighting level stored in this scene. The component does not check the actions it has performed recently, it only performs actions determined on the basis of triggering the corresponding inputs, therefore it is suitable to connect it with other components affecting the same ballast (whether by Address Type Single or Group, or All).



The DALIOnOffDimming2Switch component has the following slots:

  • Status: shows the component’s current status;
  • Description: user description up to 32 characters;
  • Address: short DALI device address or DALI group address;
  • Address Type: option to define a single device, group, or all DALI devices;
  • Switch: component input which triggers the DALI command sending;
  • Long Press: time parameter which defines the time for long press function, (by default, 500 ms);
  • Scene No For Last Level: sets the scene number, which stores last level value (by default scene, no. 15).


The DALIOnOffDimming2Switch component has the following actions:

  • Send Short Press On: sends the on command to DALI device/devices.
  • Send Short Press Off: sends the off command to DALI device/devices.
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