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While defining a function, numerous parameters can be set to select the destination address for which the function is intended (group or individual address) and the type of the DALI command to be performed.

The DALI protocol allows addressing an individual control gear (ballasts, relays, dimming circuits, etc.) without a need to refer to a parent device.

The DALICommand is used for triggering the DALI commands. Individual In slots are provided for various DALI commands. A transition from false to true will cause the associated DALI command to be sent to the control gear.

DALICommand component


The DALICommand has the following slots:

  • Status: shows the component’s current status;
  • Description: user description up to 32 characters;
  • Command: parameter to a control gear;
  • Address: short DALI device address or DALI group address;
  • Address Type: option to define a single device, group, or all DALI devices;
  • Value: intensity values for scenes;
  • Trigger: the rising edge sends the DALI command to DALI devices.


The DALICommand component has the following action:

  • Send: sends the DALI command to DALI devices.
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