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Occupancy Control

This feature allows a user to control occupancy through the following parameters or in the iSMA Configurator:

OCCUPANCY_MODE: allows to set an occupancy mode in the panel according to the table below:

Register Value

Occupancy Mode





Occupancy modes
  • Modbus register: 41702;
  • BACnet object: MSV4, property: Present Value;

OCCUPANCY_CURRENT_STATUS: allows to set a current occupancy status. The current occupancy status is displayed on the panel's top right corner icon (illuminated inside the circle – occupied, outside the circle – unoccupied);

Register Value

Occupancy Status








Forced occupied

Occupancy statuses
  • Modbus register: 41701;
  • BACnet object: MSV3, property: Present Value.

This value can be updated in two ways depending on the OCCUPIED_CONFIG_LOCAL_MODE parameter:

OCCUPANCY_CONFIGURATION, bit 6: OCCUPIED_CONFIG_LOCAL_MODE: allows to set the occupancy to the local mode or BMS mode:

Local Mode: the panel's occupancy setting is set to a local mode (the value of the OCCUPANCY_CURRENT_STATUS register is determined by the value of the OCCUPANCY_MODE register and so the value of the OCCUPANCY_CURRENT_STATUS register cannot be overwritten by the higher level system);

BMS Mode: the panel's occupancy setting is set to the BMS mode. The OCCUPANCY_MODE register works separately from the OCCUPANCY_CURRENT_STATUS register.

The default value is the BMS mode.

  • Modbus register: 41707;
  • BACnet object: BO62, property: Present Value.

User Interface for Occupancy Control

Occupancy control can also be performed using the touch panel (see Operating User Interface). It is possible to change the occupancy mode depending on the configurations:

OCCUPANCY_CONFIGURATION, bit 1: EDITABLE: enables or disables the occupancy to be edited locally from the panel;

  • Modbus register: 41707;
  • BACnet object: MSV4, property: 4200.

How to Change the Occupancy on the Touch Panel?

  • Use a house button to toggle between occupied and unoccupied statuses.
  • A long press is not available for this feature.


Value of the OCCUPANCY_CURRENT_STATUS parameter is presented on a house LEDs ladder as follows:

  • value 0 (unoccupied): “in house” LED is off, “outside” is on;
  • value 1 (occupied): “in house” LED is on, “outside” is off;

  • value 2 (standby): “in house” LED is off, “outside” is blinking;

  • value 3 (forced occupied): “in house” LED is blinking, “outside” is off.

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