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Applicable to OS version

The Platform component includes all the basic information about the device and its operating system. It characterizes the hardware and other features essential for the device to operate correctly.

The Platform component

The Platform component slots

The Platform component has the following slots:

  • Device Name: displays the name of the device, which can be changed manually;

Note: The name displayed by default is based on the Model Name slot. The manual change of name is associated with a corresponding change of the BACnet local device name (LocalDevice component).

  • OS Version: shows the OS software version currently installed on the device;
  • Model Name: shows the device model read from the device itself;
  • Serial Number: shows the serial number of the device;
  • Hardware Version: shows the hardware version of the device;
  • Ethernet Interfaces: shows the number of Ethernet ports available in the device;
  • Sd Card: informs if an SD card is available (available/none);
  • Serial Ports: shows the number of serial ports available in the device;
  • Digital Inputs: shows the number of digital inputs in the device;
  • Digital Outputs: shows the number of digital outputs in the device;
  • Universal Inputs: shows the number of universal inputs in the device;
  • Analog Outputs: shows the number of analog outputs in the device;
  • Triac Outputs: shows the number of triac outputs in the device.

Additionally, the Platform components has also three component's extensions: Performance, Time, and Ethernet.

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