The SD card is a core of the RAC18-IP device. The SD card contains all software elements that guarantee proper device functioning: real-time operating system and libraries.

The SD card is originally located inside the device; the SD card must be inserted into the device prior to the mounting process.

The SD card location

In case the device has suffered a hardware failure, it is possible to take the SD card out of the broken device and insert it into a replacement unit. In order to access the SD card in the device:

  • Turn the power supply off.
  • Discharge any static electricity by touching a known, securely grounded object.
  • Open the device's housing (push the device's sides to open snap fits, or use a tool as a lever, for example, a screwdriver, delicately pushing a snap fit inside).

Snap fits
  • Once the housing is open, locate the SD card, which is placed in the upper left corner of the device's board.
  • The SD card socket, installed in the RAC18-IP device, has a hinged ejecting mechanism, and it needs to be pushed slightly to the left to be opened.
  • Once the socket is open, pull out the SD card.
  • In order to insert the SD card back in the device, place it in the socket label side up, close the socket, and block it pushing it slightly to the right.