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RAC18-IP Hardware User Manual


The RAC18-IP (Room Application Controller) is an advanced, freely programmable controller designed to comprehensively manage conditions of a small installation with universal user-programmed applications. The RAC18-IP is driven with the nano EDGE ENGINE, a fresh development from iSMA CONTROLLI–new software engine for the new generation of iSMA CONTROLLI controllers, launched with the Room Application Controller. The RAC18-IP controller allows very intuitive real-time programming of applications

A distinctive feature of the RAC18-IP controller is its SD card. It contains the controller's memory, which can be transferred to a replacement unit in case of a hardware damage–in such situation, it is only required to take out the SD card and install it into a new device, no need to reprogram the device or to reintroduce the required settings. 

The RAC18-IP controller is part of the room comfort management. It is fit to control small HVAC unit, for example, a ventilation unit, small air handling unit, zone heaters, radiators, fan coil unit, VAV, chilled beam, and such.

RAC18-IP controller

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