The RAC18-IP's front panel

The RAC18-IP device has a front panel equipped with status diodes, and three configuration DIP switches.

  • The ON LED (power) is on (green) when the controller is running properly. The ON LED blinks with 5 Hz frequency when the device is starting and during SD card diagnostics.

Note: If the frequent blinking continues for over 10-15 seconds, it means the SD card is being recovered as a result of the diagnostics process. Each time the device is started, it runs a diagnostic process, which checks if the SD card is available and the device is fully operable. If the diagnostics process does not return any necessary fixes, the blinking ceases after a few seconds.

  • The ETH1 LED lights up (orange) after sending each data packet when connected to the iC Tool. As long as the controller receives/sends packets, the LED blinks continuously.
  • The COM1 LED lights up for RS485 communication.
  • The ALM LED (alarm) lights up if the device is in the emergency mode.

DIP Switch

The RAC18-IP device is equipped with three DIP switches, two 8-position ones (S2, S3) and a 6-position (S1). DIP switches can be freely used in client's application. Each of 6/8 switches has true or false state; they are dedicated for setting configuration in the user's application.

Note: The 6th switch on the S1 DIP switch is to restore factory default settings in the device.