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Room Panel Modes

The room panel has 3 different modes:

  • active mode;
  • idle mode;
  • stand-by mode.

The differences between particular modes are physically visible if all the below conditions are fulfilled:

  1. The status of the PANEL_OFF (BO9) object is true (the panel is on).
  2. The status of the BACKGROUND_ILLUMINATION_KEY_PAD_ACTIVE (BO 4) object is true (the keypad illumination is active).
  3. The status of the BACKGROUND_ILLUMINATION_LCD_ACTIVE (BO 3) object is true (the LCD illumination is active).
  4. There are different values in the objects responsible for the illumination levels in different modes (see the LP Device Configuration).

Each mode determines the LCD and keypad background illumination intensity.

The current room panel mode depends on the keypad activity (pushing buttons) and the time values settable by appropriate objects. The user can also control the illumination intensity of each mode by entering appropriate values to assigned objects.

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