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iSMA-B-LP BACnet User Manual


The iSMA-B-LP is a wall panel with 2.3” LCD display and four function buttons. Additionally, the panel has a built-in temperature sensor and, optionally, humidity and CO2 sensors.

The iSMA-B-LP is powered with 24 V AC/DC and has a built-in RS485 port (Modbus RTU/ASCII and BACnet MS/TP). The use of open communication protocol allows to connect the panel with any controller, which supports Modbus RTU/ASCII or BACnet MS/TP. Connected to the iSMA controllers, the panel allows to change the basic parameters such as: temperature setpoint, fan speed, FCU mode, and other. Thanks to a built-in USB port, there is a possibility of updating firmware and configuring the panel without the need of power supply. The iSMA-B-LP has modern design and is available in different colors (white is basic), on client’s request.

This user manual outlines BACnet objects available in the iSMA-B-LP room panel and describes their configuration.

LP panels

Revision History

1.020 Apr 2017First edition
1.116 Nov 2017Added new version of the panel (iSMA-B-LP(-XX)-1)
1.225 May 2022Rebranded
Revision history

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