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Renaming Components

A Rename option selected on multiple components allows changing names of more than one components at once. The Rename pattern defines how the new name for components will be generated. It can include some constant literals with special placeholders embedded.

Renaming components

Given the original names of components were "FCU", "FCU1", ... , "FCU12", a possible Rename pattern may be composed as follows:


to generate the following names:

FCU     → Lvl3_FCU0_ID2000

FCU1   → Lvl3_FCU2_ID1990

FCU2   → Lvl3_FCU4_ID1980

FCU8   → Lvl3_FCU16_ID1920

FCU9   → Lvl3_FCU18_ID1910

FCU10 → Lvl3_FCU20_ID1900

FCU11 → Lvl3_FCU22_ID1890

FCU12 → Lvl3_FCU24_ID1880

The Placeholder syntax:

[N] Substring of the original name

[Nf-t] Inserts a substring of the original name starting at symbol index 'f' up to the symbol index 't'. The leftmost symbol has an index of ‘1’.


  • [N] A whole name;
  • [N5] A single symbol at index 5;
  • [N3-] A substring from index 3 to the end of the original name;
  • [N3-5] Symbols from index 3 to 5;
  • [N-6] Symbols from the beginning to index 6.
  • [C] Counter
  • [Cf+/-s] Inserts a counter starting at value 'f' using the step +/-s.
  • Variants:
  • [C] A counter starting at 1, step +1 (1,2,3,4,5,…);
  • [C5] A counter starting at 5, step +1 (5,6,7,8,9,…);
  • [C3+5] A counter starting at 3, step +5 (3,8,13,18,…);
  • [C100-5] A counter starting at 100, step5 (100, 95, 90, 85,…).

Note: No spaces may be included in the component’s name pattern.

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