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iSMA Tool User Manual


As a significant part of an end-to-end iSMA solution, the iSMA Tool gives customer a convenient way to create and manage custom applications for a Sedona-based iSMA controller.

The iSMA Tool now covers all requirements to create a perfect application: a wire sheet for convenient visual programming, property sheets for details, kit management, real-time monitoring of system states and slot values, logs and historical data, and deployment and backup.

Revision History

1.11 May 2018First edition
1.21 Oct 2018Updated to iSMA Tool ver. 1.1.1
1.36 Dec 2018Updated to iSMA Tool ver. 1.2.0
1.421 Jan 2019Updated to iSMA Tool ver. 1.2.1
1.524 Jul 2019Updated to iSMA Tool ver. 1.2.2
1.621 Apr 2022

Updated to iSMA Tool ver. 1.2.6


Revision history
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