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Actions are the most commonly used functions possible to be performed on a specific component such as setting new value or changing the operating mode of the component into manual or automatic. These are certain operations that can be performed on components, called the actions.

Available Actions depend on the component type. It is possible to access them as following:

  • Pressing the actions option on the context menu of a component;

Accessing actions from a context menu
  • Pressing the actions button available in the Object Properties window after selecting the required component.

Accessing actions in the Object Properties window

If the component does not offer any actions, then the actions option in the context menu is disabled, as shown on the figure below.

No available actions

If the action requires entering parameters in the component, for example, setting values for the NVNumericWriteable component type, the iSMA Tool will ask for values on a separate pop-up window (see the figure below).

Setting values by actions

Setting values by actions
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