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The users is a component responsible for the user support. It allows to add and remove users as well as define their access rights to individual components. Each Sedona application component has a Meta slot, used to assign it to one or more groups. Sedona has 4 predefined groups. The component has to be placed under the Service component.

The users component

Users can have the following types of rights:

  • Operator Read: allows to read components and read values of operator properties;
  • Operator Write: allows to change values of operator properties;
  • Operator Invoke: allows to invoke operator actions;
  • Admin Read: allows to read values of properties, read links, and create components links;
  • Admin Write: allows to change values’ properties, add components, sort dub components, rename components, create links to components, delete links to components;
  • Admin Invoke: allows to invoke admin actions of components;
  • Admin User: allows to manage users (read, write, edit, delete).

Provisioning Permissions:

  • Can provision app: can read/write app.sab file,
  • Can provision kits: can read/write kits.scode file,
  • Can provision svm: can read/write SVM files.
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