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The AnalogValueRead component is responsible for reading analog values from slave devices. Values are read in time periods defined in the Poll Frequency slot. Reading can be also forced using the Read action. The AnalogValueRead  component has to be placed under the BACnetMasterSlaveNetwork component.

The AnalogValueRead component

The AnalogValueRead component has the following slots:

  • Status: shows the point’s status;
  • Fault Cause: shows the fault cause description;
  • Enable: enables or disables the network (true: enabled, false: disabled);
  • Object Id: allows to set the BACnet Id of the point;
  • In1-In5: slots storage values of points from the corresponding slave devices.

Note: If the communication with some slave devices is be broken, the corresponding slot stores the last value, which has been read, and the Status slot displays “Some Points Down”.

The AnalogValueRead component offers the following action, in the context menu:

  • Read: Action enforces the reading of the point.
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