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The BACnetMasterSlaveNetwork is the main component responsible for the communication between the master device and slave devices by the BACnet MS/TP protocol, using the RS485 port (COM1). The BACnetMasterSlaveNetwork sets parameters such as slave devices Id, communication parameters (such as the poll frequency or maximum write time), and reads the status of slave devices. The component has to be placed under the Drivers folder.

The BACnetMasterSlaveNetwork component

The BACnetMasterSlaveNetwork component has the following slots:

  • Status: shows the point’s status;
  • Fault Cause: shows the fault cause description;
  • Enable: enables or disables the network (true: enabled, false: disabled);
  • Slave1DeviceId-Slave5DeviceId: allow to set the BACnet Ids of slave devices;
  • Slave Status1-Slave Status5: reads statuses of slave devices;
  • Poll Frequency: allows to set the polling frequency of all read-only points, min. 1;
  • Max Write Time: allows to set the maximum time between sending values of all writeable points–if the value equals 0, values of writable points are sent only “on value change”;
  • Ping Frequency: allows to set the time between testing messages to check slave devices connection, min. 1;
  • Ping Trigger: triggers the Ping action on the rising edge of value;
  • Free Points: shows the number of free BACnet Master-Slave points.

The BACnetMasterSlaveNetwork component offers the following action, available in the context menu:

  • Ping: sends a test message to slave devices to check their statuses.
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