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RS485 Communication

Connecting RS485 Communication Bus

RS485 connection

RS485 Grounding and Shielding

In most cases controllers are installed in enclosures along with other devices, which generate electromagnetic radiation (for example, relays, contactors, transformers, motor invertors, etc.). Such electromagnetic radiation can induce electrical noise into both power and signal lines, as well as direct radiation into the controller, causing negative effects on the system. For this reason, an appropriate grounding, shielding, and other protective steps should be taken at the installation stage to prevent negative electromagnetic radiation effects, for example:

  • control cabinet grounding;
  • cable shield grounding;
  • using protective elements for electromagnetic switching devices;
  • proper wiring;
  • consideration of cable types and their cross sections;
  • and other.

RS485 Network Termination

Transmission line effects often present problems for data communication networks. These problems include reflections and signal attenuation.

To eliminate the presence of reflections of signal from the end of the cable, the cable must be terminated at both ends with a resistor across the line adequate to its characteristic impedance. Both ends must be terminated since the propagation is bidirectional. In case of an RS485 twisted pair cable this termination is typically 120 Ω.

RS485 termination
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