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Blind Output

The iSMA-B-2D1B-(WD) device has one double blind output dedicated for a blind/shutter control. The double 230 V AC blind output allows for controlling up and down movement of the blind/shutter.

The maximum load current of the output is 1,5 A.

WARNING! The maximum load current for the light outputs, blind output, and 24 V DC power supply output is 8 A!

The status of a particular relay in the blind output (up and down movement) depends on a built-in control algorithm, which is directly related to the states of digital inputs I3 and I4 (which can be changed by physical switches or by appropriate Modbus register commands). For more information, please refer to the Blind/Shutter Control section.

The way of connecting a motor to the blind output is presented in the figure below.

Connection of a motor with a blind output
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