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Using LLC

In order to use the LLC mechanism, the iSMA Configurator software is required (versions from 2.2). To start using the LLC, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Set the 8th section in the CFG DIP switch of the iSMA-B-2D device to on.

Step 2: Start the iSMA Configurator software and connect the iSMA-B-2D device to configure the LLC mechanism on.

Step 3: Go to the Lighting 1 and Lighting 2 tabs, and check if the Lighting Mode is set to LLC Mode. If not, check if the 8th section in the CFG DIP switch is in on position.

Step 4: Discover DALI ballasts.

Step 5: Go to the LLC tab:

  • Set the LLC Zone Count field to 1 or 2, depending on the number of zones that should be controlled separately;
  • Set the desired setpoint value for each zone;
  • In case of using 2 DALI buses with 1 light level sensor (1 zone with two sub-zones), set the control offset value for sub-zone.

Step 6: Go to the PIR sensor tab:

  • Set the PIR sensor type (NO, NC);
  • Set the PIR Dimm Time and PIR Dimm Level for using the auto-dimming feature; leave 0 if the feature is not to be used.

Step 7: Go to the LUX Sensors tab:

  • Set the light level sensor type compliant with the sensor output (e.g., 0-10 V);
  • Set the light level sensors parameters (minimum and maximum lux values);
  • Connect the sensor(s) and check the read lux values.

Step 8: The LLC mechanism is configured and ready to be used.

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