There are 2 types of hardware available:

  • iSMA-B-2D;
  • iSMA-B-2D-WD;

The -WD part in the device name indicates that instead of the screw terminals, the Wieland type connectors are used for 230 V AC power supply and light output.


The iSMA-B-2D-(WD) device is equipped with a 230 V AC power supply and 2 x 230 V AC normal closed light outputs for the lamps power supply if the lighting is controlled by the DALI network. The light outputs are fuse protected and connected to the controller’s main power supply as presented in the figure below.

In addition, the light outputs work as relays in the ON/OFF light control mode.

The controller is equipped with a 24 V DC power supply dedicated for power supply of motion sensors / presence detectors, which require an external power supply.

Inputs section consists of 2 special inputs dedicated for motion sensors / presence detectors connection and 2 digital inputs for connecting the switches.

WARNING! The maximum current for all outputs is 8 A!

iSMA-B-2D-WD terminals and internal connections