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Light Outputs

The device is equipped with two 230 V AC light outputs, light 1 and light 2, which can have different functionality depending on the chosen lighting control mode–DALI mode or ON/OFF mode. To switch between ON/OFF control and DALI mode, please use the CFG DIP switch section no. 6.

The light outputs are implemented in order to provide the opportunity to supply the lamps controlled by the DALI interface with power. It allows to have full control over the lighting within one controller, no need to supply the lamps from the external source.

In addition, the light outputs work as output relays in the ON/OFF lighting control mode. Both of the outputs are fuse-protected and the maximum load for the single output is 4 A.

Note: The maximum load for both of the light outputs is 2x 4 A, but the maximum load current for the light output 1, light output 2, and 24 V DC power supply output is 8 A!

The way of connecting power supply line for the ballasts to the light outputs is presented in the figure below.

Connecting ballasts to light outputs in the DALI control mode

Connecting lamps to light outputs in the On/Off control mode
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