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Inputs and Outputs

The device is equipped with inputs for two different purposes.

The two digital inputs, I1 and I2, are designed for physical ON/OFF switches connection, both monostable or bistable type, in order to control the DALI ballasts connected to DALI1/DALI2 terminals. Depending on a particular CFG DIP switch configuration, I1/I2 can control single DALI network or both DALI1 and DALI2 networks simultaneously. For details, please refer to the table in CFG DIP switch chapter.

The other two digital inputs, I3 and I 4, are designed for connecting PIR sensors in the light level control mode only.

The two special inputs, S1 and S2, are designed for connecting motion sensors/presence detectors in order to use them in the light control algorithm. If the device is set to the light level control mode, the S1 and S2 special inputs are to connect level intensity sensors.

The device is equipped with two types of outputs: 2 light outputs and 1 power supply output (24 V DC).

Each of the outputs has a different purpose and a maximum available load.

The light outputs are fuse-protected.

WARNING! The maximum current for the light outputs and 24 V DC power supply output is 8 A!

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