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Other Parameters

Other parameters of the Touch Point panel can be retrieved from the following registers and objects, or in the iSMA Configurator:

LIVE_TIME: shows uptime of the device since the last reset;

  • Modbus register: 30012;
  • BACnet object: AI0, property: Present Value;

VERSION_TYPE: allows to read version and type of the panel and enable 1 of 4 available actions. The first byte of the register indicates a version of the device, and the second one–type of the device;

  • Modbus register: 40001;
  • BACnet object: DEVICE, property: 3030;
ValueBits 0-7Bits 8-15
TypePanel's version
Panel in bootloader23910(0xEF16)
VersionFirmware version multiplied by 101010(0x0A16) means 1.0 firmware version
The VERSION_TYPE register values

The VERSION_TYPE register also allows to enable 1 of 4 available actions: reset panel, reload settings, reset settings, enter bootloader. If the register receives one of the following values, it invokes a relevant action and resumes its regular values afterwards (type and version):

Decimal ValueHex ValueAction
5110x01FFReset panel
7670x02FFReload settings
10230x03FFReset settings
12790x04FFEnter bootloader
The VERSION_TYPE register actions

FLASH_DEVICE_TYPE: indicates the panel's version and type;

  • Modbus register: 31301;
  • BACnet object: N/A;






Copy of the 40001 register's value



0: TP, 1: not available

31LCD_PRESENT0: with display, 1: without display

FLASH_HW_VERSION: indicates the panel's hardware version;

  • Modbus register 31303;
  • BACnet object: DEVICE, property: 3020;

FLASH_BOOT_VERSION: indicates the panel's bootloader version;

  • Modbus register: 31304;
  • BACnet object: N/A;

FW_VERSION: indicates the panel's firmware version separated from the VERSION_TYPE register's value;

  • Modbus register: 31305;
  • BACnet object: N/A;

FLASH_SERIAL_NUMBER: indicates the panel's serial number;

  • Modbus registers 31306-31309;
  • BACnet object: N/A.
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