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Point Manager for LocalIO

The LocalIO Point Manager view is available for the LocalIO component. It lists all I/O points added to the LocalIO component, and shows their:

  • Out slot value;
  • unit (for numeric values);
  • status;
  • number;
  • enabled or disabled state.

The Point Manager view

Opening Point Manager

The Point Manager view is accessible from the context menu of the LocalIO component. It is also automatically opened if the LocalIO component is double-clicked in the Workspace Tree window.

Opening the Point Manager view

Adding I/O Points

The I/O points may be added twofold: dragging and dropping the I/O points to the LocalIO component from the I/O library (in the Device Libraries window), or using a special Add function in the LocalIO Point Manager view available in the bottom right corner. The Add function allows to add any of the I/O points available in the IO library.

The Add button in the Point Manager

Using this Add button opens the dialog window, which allows to adjust the quantity of I/O points to be added.

Adjusting quantity of added IO points

Multiediting of Common Slots

The Point Manager view allows multiediting of common slots in components of the same type, for example, to enable all one-type components at once. Multiediting is available in the Object Properties window, upon selecting one-type components in the Point Manager with Ctrl or Shift keys.

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