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Data Point Manager

The Data Point Manager is a special view that allows to manage the Data Points available within the nano EDGE ENGINE license.

The Data Point Manager

The Data Point Manager lists all the Data Points used in applications saved on the device. The view shows the following fields:

  • Equipment, which the Data Point belongs to;
  • name of the Data Point;
  • description;
  • value on the Out slot;
  • enabled or disabled status;
  • exposition on BACnet status;
  • BACnet object Id.

The Data Point Manager view is not editable; however, once a specific Data Point is clicked in the Manager view, it is displayed in the Object Properties window, where it can be freely edited. Also, the view allows for multiediting of compatible Data Points–if compatible Data Points are selected in the Data Point Manager, their common slots are available for multiedition in the Object Properties window.

Opening the Data Point Manager

The Data Point Manager view is accessible from two locations:

  • in the context menu of the Applications container;
  • in the context menu of the RAC18-IP (LocalDevice) component.

Accessing the Data Point Manager from the Applications container context menu

Accessing the Data Point Manager from the context menu of RAC18-IP (LocalDevice) component in the Networks container

The Data Point Manager view is also automatically opened if either the Applications container or the RAC18-IP (LocalDevice) component is double-clicked in the Workspace Tree window.


The license for the new generation of iSMA CONTROLLI controllers driven by the nano EDGE ENGINE is constructed against the number of Data Points: each device based on the nano EDGE ENGINE is granted a specified number of license points (Data Points in this case), which can be used within applications. Therefore, the licensing system is only of quantitative, not functional, character–only the real number of Data Points in applications is taken into account, regardless of how many communication protocols are used to expose them, or how many network points are controlled. With the nano EDGE ENGINE-generation devices it is possible to create as big an application (or applications) as the number of licensed Data Points. No elements in the Networks, Services, or System containers are subject to license limitations, other than Data Points in the Applications container.

Note: In order to check the number of license points, please refer to the License in the device.

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