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Applicable to OS V1.2-1.4

The Analog2String component takes a double value from the In slot (noted to two decimal places) and transfers it as a string value to the Out slot depending on the set mask value.

The Analog2String component

The Analog2String component has the following slots:

  • In: a double input value noted to two decimal places;

  • Out: a string output value depending on the value in the Mask slot;

  • Mask: allows to set a rule how many decimal places are transferred to the Out slot:

    • Available settings: 0 (removes all digits after a decimal separator), 0.0 (removes a second digit after a decimal separator), 0._ (leaves all digits after a decimal separator).


The rules set in the Mask slot are not rules of mathematical rounding of numbers. If the input value is 23.89 and the mask is set to 0 or 0.0, the values transferred to the Out slot will be 23 or 23.8.

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