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The Time component sets time and date in the device. In case the device is not powered longer than for a week, the time in the device is reset. The Time component allows to manually set local time in the device (with an action button) according to the computer's local time.

The Time component

The Time component has the following slots:

  • Status: indicates the current status of the component;
  • Current Time: shows the current time set in the device;
  • Year: shows the current year;
  • Month: shows the current month;
  • Day: shows the current day;
  • Hour: shows the current hour;
  • Minute: shows the current minutes;
  • Second: shows the current seconds;
  • Timezone: shows the current timezone.

The Time component has one action:

  • SetUTCTime: synchronizes the time of the device with the PC's (hosting the iC Tool) time.

ActionTrigger Extension

The ActionTrigger extension is designed to invoke any action that is available for the component. The extension triggers an action selected in the Action Name on the rising edge of the Action Trigger slot. If the action has parameters to set, the parameter is taken from a relevant slot automatically added to the extension (Analog Value/Binary Value/String Value).

It is possible to add more than one ActionTrigger extension to the component (for example, one for each action in the component).

The extension is added from the context menu of the component.

Adding the ActionTrigger extension

The ActionTrigger extension has the following slots:

  • Action Name: allows to select an action to invoke;

  • Action Trigger: triggers an action selected in the Action Name slot;

  • Action Analog Value/Action Binary Value/Action String Value: a slot added automatically to the extension if an action selected in the Action Name slot has any specific parameters to set (depending on the type of action and its parameters, the relevant type of value is matched).

The ActionTrigger extension in the Time component

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