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Safety Rules

  • Do not use different types of cables to create the same network. Always and only use the same type of cable. The network cable must be used with SELV safety voltage signals and must not be wired in ducts for cables with dangerous voltages (for example, 230 V AC) or carriers of high currents, especially if in alternating current. Also, avoid parallel paths to these power cables.

  • Deploy the cable as straight as possible, avoiding folds with tight bending radius, much less wrapping it in useless skeins. Do not twist the cable around power conductors and, if they have to be crossed, provide a 90° cross between the cable and these conductors.

  • Keep away from electromagnetic field sources; in particular, from large motors, switchboards, neon ballasts, antennas of all types. Avoid that the pull tension of the cables exceeds 110 N (11.3 kg) to prevent ironing.

  • Evaluate the route in advance to shorten it as much as possible and take note of the addresses of the instruments connected with particular reference to their location in orderly sequence. This can be very useful in maintenance. We recommend that you take note of the Modbus address and report it on the product label in the space provided for it.

  • Do not invert the polarity "+" and "-" at the connection terminals. Avoid short pieces of cable in the connection terminals to the instruments in order to allow a possible maintenance without tearing or pulling of the cable itself.

  • Identify the start and end terminations and avoid "open" segments. Termination resistors and network polarization. The slew-rate control, common to all our converters, and the baud rate limited to 9600 baud (bit/sec) make termination resistors unnecessary. The RS485 network requires polarization typically borne by the master device; the regulator does not have polarization resistors. The transceiver used by the actuator allows to drive up to 256 knots.

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