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Hardware Requirements

  • Processor: latest generation

  • RAM: 2 GB

  • Operating system: Win7, Win10

  • USB-RS485 serial converter (LIBO-USB)

Configurator Installation Procedure

The software is provided with a self-installing file: "MVC503R-MB Manager". After the installation, the software is ready for use.

LIBO-USB Serial Converter Installation

LIBO-USB is a USB to RS422 / 485 converter. It supports communication with 2/4 wire RS485. This device has a removable terminal block for connection to the device and 2 LEDs that indicate the transmission and reception of data in progress. To operate in 485 mode it is necessary to set the following DIP switches to ON:

  1. RS-485 transmission
  2. Echo OFF
  3. 2-Wire communication

For a Modbus connection with MVC503R-MB, the correct terminals to be used are:

  1. TDA (minus)
  2. TDB (plus)
  3. GND

The device needs the installation of the drivers either by using the CD-ROM inserted in the box of LIBO-USB or by downloading the drivers from the network (


The software can be started through the icon on the Desktop or through the Start → All path Programs → MVC503RMB Configurator → Configurator menu.

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