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MVC503R-MB Configuration Tool User Manual


This configuration tool allows to configure and to monitor the MVC503R-MB actuator for correct commissioning of the system. The connection between the computer and the actuator is made via a USB/RS485 converter (LIBO-USB) with a serial communication bus and Modbus protocol (RTU).

Revision History





09 Apr 2021

1st Issue


18 Mar 2022

Changed user interface background and inserted logo and pictures iSMA CONTROLLI

MVC503R-MB Configuration Tool revision history

Safety Rules

  • Install on the power supply line a protecting device to avoid short circuits (fuse or magneto-thermic) according to the specifications.

  • In case of accidental removal of the cover and/or of the connector cover, make sure that power is disconnected before working on the actuator or near it.

  • The products are maintenance free.

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