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IP Configuration

This page allows to change parameters of the Ethernet port, Modbus TCP IP, M-Bus TCP IP, and M-Bus UDP IP.

IP configuration page

This page allows to set parameters such as:

  • IP Address: read/write, the controller’s Ethernet interface IP address;
  • Mask: read/write, the network mask;
  • Gateway: read/write, the network default gateway;
  • Http Port: read/write, the http port;
  • Mac Address: read-only, the Ethernet interface MAC address;
  • M-Bus TCP Port: read/write, the M-Bus TCP port number, default 6021;
  • M-Bus UDP Port: read/write, the M-Bus UDP port umber, default 10002;
  • Protocol Type: read-only, the DIP switch protocol selection;
  • Modbus TCP Port: read/write, the Modbus TCP port number, default 502;
  • Modbus Address: read-only, the Modbus device address set by rotary switches;
  • Modbus TCP Connection Timeout: read/write, the timeout for TCP/IP messages;
  • RS485 Timeout: read/write, the timeout for Modbus RTU/ASCII messages;
  • Send Modbus Errors: read/write, enables or disables sending of Modbus error messages.

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