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Submenu User-defined Parameters

The room panel contains a special group of objects, which allows the user to define parameters.

User-defined parameters are divided into 6 submenus;

  1. Temperature submenu;
  2. Fan submenu;
  3. Light submenu;
  4. Blind submenu;
  5. Alarm submenu;
  6. Occupancy submenu.

Each submenu is automatically activated if one of the parameters, assigned to that submenu, is active. If the particular submenu is active, then the icon of that submenu is displayed in the main menu. The fan and occupancy submenu icons are displayed in different configuration according to the actual fan and occupancy status.

In each submenu, there are available 8 numeric and 8 Boolean user-defined parameters.

All user-defined parameters are used for displaying and setting different values locally from the room panel. All are written to the EEPROM memory (object values are remembered after the room panel restart or power failure).

Access to each submenu can be protected by a password.

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