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LCD Display

The iSMA-B-LP room panel is equipped with a 2.3” LCD display with backlight.

By default, the LCD display is turned on (if the device is powered), and the basic parameters from built-in sensors together with user defined parameters are shown in the main menu. 

The status of the PANEL_OFF (BO9) object is responsible for the LCD display and keypad activation.

If the PANEL_OFF (BO9) status is false, the LCD display and keypad work in normal mode (parameters and actual sensors values are displayed, submenus are visible and editable, etc.).

If the PANEL_OFF(BO9) status is true, the LCD display and keypad is deactivated. The room panel works as a simple sensor (a CO2 sensor, a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, depending on the room panel version).

An LCD display general view

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