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Keyboard Shortcuts



Ctrl + N

New Workspace (creates new workspace on Workspace Tree)

Ctrl + O

Opens a dialog window to choose a *.itw file saved earlier (Workspace)

Ctrl + S

Save changes in Workspace Tree window tree to a defined workspace in *.itw file. Does not apply to saving data in controller.

Ctrl + Q

Exiting iSMA Tool with confirmation of the intent to leave.

Ctrl + C

Copying of the selected Components.

Ctrl + V

Pasting of the Components copied with (Ctrl + C) option.

Ctrl + D

Duplication of selected Components. The option does not overwrite what was remembered during (Ctrl + C) copying.


Removal of selected elements (Component and/or Links).

Ctrl or Shift

The keys allow to select Components and Links selectively. Ctrl adds the chosen element, and Shift defines a set of added elements.

Ctrl + N

Create new Workspace Tree window for new projects


Rescale all Components on Wire Sheet view to see the all on the screen

Ctrl + mouse wheel

Zoom Wire Sheet in/out

Ctrl + A

Select all objects on active view


Hide/show all other windows to make main screen as large as possible


Restore previous windows position and size before used F11 option

Ctrl + Tab

Change focus to next window within opened windows in iSMA Tool

Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Change focus to previous window within opened windows in iSMA Tool


Navigate to the next object in current tree or list

Shift +Tab

Navigate to the previous object in current tree or list


Jump to the first/last object in current tree or list

Ctrl + F

Use filter on active view


Rename selected object


Change focus to the main menu with a possibility to navigate between menu items

Ctrl + P

Print/export current view (option not available on all views)

Ctrl + Left/Right

Expand/collapse the tree


Cancel current settings


Accept current settings

Alt + F4

Exits iSMA Tool with prompt popup

Ctrl + Z

Undo previous action on components

Ctrl + Y

Redo previously undone action on components

Alt + Left/Right

Navigate view history

Alt + Shift + Left/Right

Show view history flyout panel

Useful keyboard shortcuts
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