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Historical Data

The iSMA Tool allows to perform an analysis of historical trends by using two views, History Chart and History Table. The first view allows to work with a single trend or many trends on a graph versus time. The second view is a table of registered samples of one of the processes.

Accessing both views is possible from the Workspace Tree at app -> service -> history -> db1. Under the db1 component, which is a historical database, there are historical variables registered in the iSMA Tool shown by components (see the figure below).

The db1 component's tree

Opening any component under the db1 component will open the selected component in the main screen along with the History Chart and History Table.

The History Chart view

The second method of working with historical data is expanding the db1 component and dragging the component we are interested in from the Workspace Tree to an empty History Chart view.  The figure below shows the empty History Chart view of the db1 component before selecting the component to present its historical data.

An empty History Chart
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