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Adding and Removing Components in the Wire Sheet

Adding Components

There are three methods of adding a new component to the Wire Sheet view:

  • dragging it from the Device Kits window;
  • copying it in the Device Kits window and pasting it in the Wire Sheet tab;
  • duplicating a component already added to the Wire Sheet (it is an option in the context menu).

If the component is dragged or pasted to the Wire Sheet, it is released where the mouse points. However, if the component has not been added directly to the Wire Sheet but, for example, placed in the Workspace Tree window, its position in the Wire Sheet will be the same as original component (including cascade offset) in case of pasting or duplicating. In case the component has been dragged from the Device Kits window to the Workspace Tree, its position in the Wire Sheet is (0, 0), it will appear in the upper left corner.

In all cases added components are slightly relocated relative to original components, so they do not overlap. The iSMA Tool uses a cascade mechanism here.

Removing Components

A component in the Wire Sheet view can be removed after selecting it and pressing the Delete key or choosing the Delete option from the context menu. After removing the component, the iSMA Tool will automatically remove all links connected to the removed component. If necessary, the remaining links will be automatically redrawn to use the space remaining after the removed component.  

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