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For user convenience, the iSMA Configurator is equipped with a configuration database, which can be used for creating lists of the devices discovered in every project. For example, if the user has three projects (buildings) with their unique lists of devices, there is no need to perform the discovery process each time the user connects to the network. Projects can be saved for each field object and stored on the local PC for future use.

The process of saving the configuration is very simple. After finishing the discovery, the user should save the configuration using Save Configuration button. The configuration file is saved to the location chosen by the user, and it can be used next time by clicking the Load Configuration button and selecting the appropriate configuration file. The New Configuration button is used to clear the list of discovered devices and create a new empty project. Each time the iSMA Configurator is opened for the first time, a new project is created.

Project configuration buttons available in the main menu bar
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