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SOX Protocol

The SOX function allows programming of the iSMA-B-FCU controller online (real-time). The controller must be connected directly via the USB cable as described above. The SOX button is always enabled each time the USB cable is connected directly to the iSMA-B-FCU controller, and, moreover, opening of any project is not required.

Opening the SOX protocol

The SOX button guides the user to the next window, where the SOX protocol can be started by pressing the Begin Communication button. After starting the communication to the connected controller, the user can edit or build the application inside the iSMA-B-FCU controller by using the iSMA Tool software.

The SOX window has the following communication parameters:

  • Port: port number (usually 1876) used by SOX protocol;
  • Begin Communication button: start SOX communication. It is recommended to open SOX communication with the iSMA-B_FCU controller before running the WorkPlace software.

Stop Communication button: stop SOX communication.

The SOX protocol console

Note: Only one instance of the SOX Protocol console can be opened at a time. If the SOX button in the main application window is disabled, the SOX Protocol console has been already opened, and probably it is hidden somewhere under other windows on the user’s screen.

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