The ModbusAsyncRegisterBitPoint component is responsible for reading Boolean values from the device. The component has to be placed under the ModbusAsyncDevice component.

The ModbusAsyncRegisterBitPoint

The ModbusAsyncRegisterBitPoint component has the following slots:

  • Status: shows the point’s status;
  • Fault Cause: shows the fault cause description;
  • Fault Status: informs about the point error status (true: point read error);
  • Enable: enables or disables the point (true: point enabled, false: point disabled);
  • Address Format: allows to set the register address format (Modbus, decimal);
  • Address: allows to set the register address;
  • Nr Bit: allows to set the bit number in the register;
  • Poll Frequency: allows to set the reading poll frequency (fast, normal, slow);
  • Status Type: allows to set the type of reading the register (input, coil);
  • Out: the current value of the read bit.

The ModbusAsyncRegisterBitPoint component offers the following action, available in the context menu:

  • Read: enforces reading of the point.