The In4Out is a component servicing the digital input 4 (I4) operating as the digital output. The In4Out component has to be placed under the LocalIO component.

The In4Out component

The In4Out component has the following slots:

  • Status: indicates the status of the In4Out component;
  • Fault Cause: shows the fault cause description;
  • Out: displays the actual state of the output, which is sent to the iSMA-B-FCU device. The true state overrides the low state (I4 terminal is connected to G0 ground–voltage between them is equal to 0 V DC). The false state does not affect the operation of the component–voltage between I4 and G0 equals 5 V DC.

The In4Out component offers the following action, available in the context menu:

  • Set: writes a value to the Out slot, and sends it to the device.