The AOVoltage is a component designed for servicing the analog output working as a voltage output (range 0 mV-10 000 mV). The AOVoltage has to be placed under the LocalIO component.

The AOVoltage component

The AOVoltage component has the following slots:

  • Status: indicates the status of the AOVoltage component;
  • Fault Cause: shows the fault cause description;
  • Address: sets the number of the physical output of the iSMA-B-FCU device (AO1, AO2, AO3);
  • Out: displays the actual value of the output (0 mV-10 000 mV);
  • In: the input slot.

The AOVoltage component offers the following action, available under the right mouse button:

  • Set: writes a value to the Out slot, and sends it to the device.