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Communication Protocol

The visualization web server uses the Modbus TCP communication with the iSMA-B-AAC20 controller and html5 to be displayed on PC, Android panel, or with Niagara Framework.

Visualization web server display methods

The web server uses a TCP/IP socket to communicate with the controller. 

The iSMA-B-AAC20 controller has 16 sockets for Modbus network. 3 out of 16 sockets are permanently occupied for:

  • Modbus server;
  • SOX;
  • web server.

Consequently, there are 13 sockets left to use in the device, for example, the Modbus TCP network can communicate with 13 devices with different IP addresses and connect them to application (adding more devices automatically forces them into the fault status). Also, adding any of the iSMA_weather or iSMA_MailService kits occupies 1 socket per each kit (which becomes apparent after adding the kit and its components, saving the application, and rebooting the controller). The iSMA_MailService kit can occupy more sockets if the mail service is configured for one account on one host–each next host occupies next sockets.

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