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Changing IP Address

iSMA-B-AAC20 controllers have two built-in Ethernet ports working in switch mode. By default, the new device’s address is set to, subnet mask to, and default gateway to The device offers the option to change the IP address at three levels:

  • the iSMA Tool application;
  • the website;
  • the device display (available only for devices with a built-in display: iSMA-B-AAC20-LCD, iSMA-B-AAC20-LCD-M, iSMA-B-AAC20-LCD-D).

All these options allow to set a static IP address or enable an option of addressing by the DHCP server.

Changing IP Address in Application

To change the IP address in the application, log in to the device (admin or user with authorization to change the address in the plat component). Then go to the plat service (Device -> App -> Service -> plat) and make changes to the slots: IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and save the application (App Component -> Save action). To make changes, restart the device using the Reboot action in the App component. The device restarts with the new IP address.

Changing IP Address over Web Page

To change the IP address of the device, go to the device’s website–enter the current IP address in the URL field of any browser, log in using a “platform” username and a numerical password from the Device password slot in the plat component (default: 1000). Go to the IP Configuration tab and make appropriate changes in the following slots: IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway (Mac Address slot is read-only), click Submit to save the application, and restart the device using the Reboot button. The device will start up with the new IP address.

WARNING! Once changing of the IP address is implemented with a reboot, change the URL address in the browser accordingly in order to enter the device’s website.

Changing IP Address Using System Display (iSMA-B-AAC20-LCD, iSMA-B-AAC20-LCD-M, iSMA-B-AAC20-LCD-D)

To change the IP address from the system display, hold the F1 function key down until the screen shows "Enter password". Then enter a numeric password (plat component -> Device Password slot; the default value is 1000). In the system menu, use arrows on the right side to go to the Network Config line and press Enter. Then select the appropriate line and press Enter again. The changes make the arrow on the right side (+ / -) move to the next position by pressing the Enter key. To validate the change, hold Enter down until transferred to the system menu and then select Reboot. The device starts up with the new IP address.

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