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The app component is the fundamental component of the Sedona framework. It embraces all services, drivers, and components that allow to manage a Sedona device and create an application. The application consists of services and components available in the form of kits. Components within the application are processed in every working cycle of the device. Services include certain components enabling system functions such as user management. All these items must be placed under the main app component. When the application is modified, the app icon is displayed with a graphic notification that the application should be saved. There is a possibility to turn on the application autosave option.

Sedona application structure view

The app component has the following slots:

  • Device Name: shows the name of the device, may be edited manually by the user;
  • App Name: shows the name of the application, may be edited manually by the user;
  • Scan Period: allows to set one cycle execution time;
  • Scan Time: shows the actual time of one cycle execution;
  • Guard Time: allows to set time reserved to finish system tasks;
  • Time To Steady State: allows to set the time from app start to steady state;
  • Hibernation Resets Steady State: option not active for AAC20 controllers;
  • Number Of Components: shows the number of components used in the application.

The app component has the following actions available at right-click or in the Object Properties window:

  • Save: saves the application in the device‚Äôs flash memory;
  • Restart: restarts the application (Sedona Virtual Machine);
  • Reboot: reboots the device;
  • Quit: closes the SOX connection;
  • Hibernate: deactivates the app component.
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