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The NumericValue component is responsible for reading and writing numeric values to the controller’s Modbus table. Values can be read only for the Modbus master (register type: Input Register) or read and write for the Modbus Master (register type: Holding Register).

Only one Modbus table is used for writing the Boolean and Numeric values. Before addressing the component make sure that the register is not in use by any another component.

WARNING! Data Types: Long, SLong, and Float use 32-bits format and use two registers. Next free register in the table is the Register address + 2. For example: Float value register address is 1010, the next register must be addressed 1012.

NumericValue component


The NumericValue component has the following slots:

  • Status: point’s status;
  • Fault Cause: fault cause description;
  • Description: point description label up to 32 characters;
  • Address Format: Modbus addressing format: Modbus/decimal;
  • Address: register address (from 0 to 65535);
  • Data Type: variable data type: Int, Sint, Long, Slong, Float;

WARNING! Long, Slong and Float are 32bit and they use 2 registers.

  • Register Type: register type for master device: Holding Register (read/write), Input Register (read-only);
  • Trigger: forcefully send the Input value to controller Modbus table (on rising edge);
  • Out: output slot, the current value of the device register;
  • In: input slot.
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