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The controller has a built-in Modbus TCP/IP server (Modbus TCP slave device) application, which is always active. The controller has a built-in register table to read/write data. Addresses from 0 to 999 (decimal numeration) are reserved for controller registers. To see list of registers and registers parameters go to the List of Modbus Registers chapter. Addresses from 1000 to 2999 are free to use and can be adopted in the user application.

Modbus slave network

ModbusTCPSlaveNetwork Component

The ModbusTCPSlaveNetwork is always enabled, and it does not have to be configured in order to read the controller registers. The ModbusTCPSlaveNetwork is used only for changing parameters (parameters can be changed also from the controller’s configuration web page) and to set up user registers.

ModbusTCPSlaveNetwork component

The ModbusTCPSlaveNetwork component has the following slots:

  • Status: network’s status;
  • Fault Cause: fault cause description;
  • Modbus TCP Port: Modbus TCP port number (default 502);
  • Modbus Device Address: controller Modbus address;
  • Watchdog Time: time between received valid messages, after which the controller will reset default values on outputs; value 0 disables this function.
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