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The ModbusRJ12Network uses the same data points as the ModbusAsyncNetwork.

The ModbusAsyncNumericMultiPoint is a component, which is responsible for reading up to eight 16-bits registers from the device in one message. The component uses 0x03 or 0x04 Modbus commands. The component has a Read action available under the right-click, which forces the reading of the point.

ModbusAsyncNumericMultiPoint component


The ModbusAsyncNumericMultipoint component has the following slots:

  • Status: point’s status;
    • Available states: OK (point is working properly), Disabled (point is disabled, the Enable slot is false), Down/Timeout (point is not available), Device Down (device is not available), Wrong address format (incorrect address format according to address format setting slot), Device disabled (device is disabled), Network disabled (Modbus network is disabled);
  • Fault Cause: fault cause description;
  • Fault Status: point error status;
    • Available options: true (point read error), false;
  • Enable: enables/disables the point;
    • Available options: true (point enabled,) false (point disabled);
  • Address Format: Register address format;
    • Available options: Modbus, decimal;
  • Address: register address;
  • Poll Frequency: reading poll frequency;
    • Available options: fast, normal, slow;
  • Reg Type: type of reading register;
    • Available options: input - 0x04, holding - 0x03;
  • Data Type: read data type: Int (unsigned values), Sint (signed values);
  • Number Of Registers: number of registers read in one message;
  • Out: current value of the read register.

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