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Modbus RJ12 Data Points

The ModbusRJ12Network uses the same data points as the ModbusAsyncNetwork.

In the Modbus protocol each device has an implemented Modbus table. Sedona has 7 components to read/write data from this table:

  • Boolean Point: reads Boolean values (Modbus command 0x02);
  • Boolean Writable: reads/writes Boolean values (read: Modbus command 0x02, write: Modbus command 0x05);
  • Numeric Point: reads numeric values (Modbus commands: 0x03 for reading holding registers, 0x04 for reading input registers);
  • Numeric Writable: reads/writes numeric values (Modbus commands: 0x03 and 0x04 for reading, 0x06 for writing 16-bits Int, SInt values, 0x10 for writing 32-bits Long, SLong, Float values);
  • Numeric Multi Point: reads up to eight 16-bits registers (Modbus commands 0x03 and 0x04);
  • RegisterBitPoint: reads Boolean values from a specified register in the device (Modbus command 0x02);
  • RegisterBitWritable: reads/writes Boolean values from/to a specified register (read: Modbus command 0x02, write: Modbus command 0x05).
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